About Me

Hello everyone, my name is Leigh Anne Langley.

I am a full time commercial airline pilot who is in love with photography. While this job allows me the ability to see many places it does not promote creativity. Which is good and bad. I searched for many years to find my outlet for art. I always loved photography. Even as a kid I tried to figure out the perfect shot but back then all I had was a small Kodak camera that used film. We could not afford to develop the rolls. I still have some. It was hard as a kid to figure out the right exposure and I had no idea about composition.

Now enter the adult. As a pilot I meet many people. I had the pleasure to work with a great guy that loved travel photography. He pushed me on my way. Gave me so much information on cameras and books. So began my new and expensive love.

Once I moved to the southwest I finally had the ability to try night photography. Oh but it’s so different from other types of photography. So I finally tried a workshop from a photographer I admired. I found that workshops had wonderful like minded people. I still love doing them just so I can see all of my friends.

My favorite photographs to take are night landscapes but I love to do panoramic just as much. I also do many other types of photography, please take a look. I hope you enjoy.